About Us

In 1999, we started off as the first specialty coffee shop in Nepal to specialize in handcrafted coffee and bakery. Over the years, we have diversified from a small coffee shop to an international franchising Nepalese Coffee Brand with more than 30 outlets around the world.

We believe in maintaining a sustainable business ecosystem by supporting local farmers and Nepali products. Through continuous innovation in technology & process, we hope to become the most inspiring Nepalese Coffee Establishment in the world taking Nepalese Coffee and Culture to the world.

Our Founders

Professional Coffee Cupper and our co-owner, Gagan Pradhan, believes in leading by examples and likes to socialize and share business ideas with aspiring entrepreneurs. A perfectionist by nature, he brings his decades of Hospitality Business expertise, profound coffee vocabulary and customer-centric business perspective in the Coffee Business. A graduate of Hotel Management from Australia, he likes to travel and explore new inventions in coffee during his free time.

An absolute coffee enthusiast and our co-owner, Anand Gurung is an out-of-the-box critical thinker who believes in creating fair-trading grounds for farmers and producers alike. He brings in a multi-dimensional business perspective to the Coffee Business with an ability to see the bigger picture and analyze opportunity with scrutiny for each pros and cons of the business. With a major in Mechanical Engineering from Australia, he is also very passionate about motorbikes and football.

Organization Structure

Chief Finance Officer

Head of Operations

Head of Training

Human Resource Manager